Reevaluating the Border Mic

Today is the day that I normally publish a new episode of my podcast, the Border Mic. However, today’s episode will be a post instead about my thinking into the future of the podcast. When I launched the podcast earlier this year, I planned on doing a weekly podcast. I have completed eleven episodes so far.

However, producing the weekly episodes is more onerous than I first thought it would be. In addition to recording the episode, post production to create the published edition and the artwork, not to mention uploading it to the internet, takes more time than I anticipated.

Additionally, I have received some feedback from a few blog readers telling me that they are not fans of podcasting in general, or the format. Posting a blog post is easier in that I can write the post in between family members doing their thing while I wait for them. To record a podcast, I need to find a quiet place where I can be uninterrupted for the time it takes to record an episode.

The feedback and the time requirements have me rethinking about whether the podcast needs some changes or whether I should end it. I enjoy doing the podcast and I have several stories I want to share with you. But a weekly podcast has become too time consuming in between running a business, posting daily blog posts, updating my social media channels and enjoying family time.

I’m going to take some time to think about the future of the podcast this week.

I will either decide to keep it but change the frequency or I might decide to abandon it. If I keep it, it would be on a new schedule of twice a month or maybe even once a month. But keeping it weekly will not be possible, at least for now.

If you have ideas or suggestions, please feel free to send them my way.

I will decide by the end of the week and let you all know next Monday.

Thank you for your understanding,

Martín Paredes, the host of the Border Mic

Border Mic – Episode 10 – Going for Drinks Can Make Me Illegal

In today’s podcast I share with you how easy it was for me to become an “illegal immigrant” simply for meeting my friends for drinks. No, it has nothing to do with DUI/DWI and everything to do with the complexities of the American immigration system.

Border Mic – Episode 8 – I Am a Legal Immigrant and I Fear ICE

I am a legal immigrant and I fear ICE. In today’s episode I discuss why abolishing ICE is the wrong debate. Instead, America should return to the three agencies it had before 9/11 – Immigration and Naturalization, Customs and Border Patrol. This would eliminate the call to abolish ICE and focus the debate on the many problems with immigration to America.

Border Mic – Episode 7 – Being Mexican And Crossing the Border

Being a Mexican national and crossing the U.S.-México border is not simply having your papers in order. You have to think about being profiled and what steps to take to avoid being delayed at the crossing point because you fit a certain profile.

In today’s episode I share with you what it was like to cross into the United States while being a Mexican national.

Border Mic- Episode 6 – You Speak English!

You speak English! I will never forget the face my date made as soon as she realized that I was not an American. Worse, I am a Mexican citizen.

Check out my latest podcast on the politics of the border.

In episode 6 I talk about assimilation from the point of view of a Fronterizo, or borderlander.

Border Mic – Episode 5 – Ronald Reagan Wanted Open Borders

Donald Trump loves to channel Ronald Reagan as a strong president. The Republicans believe Ronald Reagan was one of the best presidents. Guess what? I think Ronald Reagan was one of the best American presidents.

Ronald Reagan wanted open borders. Ronald Reagan believed in immigrants and Mexicans.

In today’s podcast I talk about why Ronald Reagan is one of my favorite American presidents.

Border Mic – Episode 4 – Assimilate Into America by Speaking Spanish

In episode of number 4 of the Border Mic, I discuss the issue of speaking English in order to assimilate into America. The argument that to be an American you need to speak English misses a fundamental reality. That is that Spanish is as American as Apple Pie. Spanish is native to America. In the podcast I explain why English speakers, who argue immigrants must assimilate by speaking English, should, instead, speak Spanish so that the English speakers can better assimilate into America.

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Border Mic – Episode 3 – I Was Too Mexican for Aceitunas in El Paso

Welcome to episode three of the Border Mic. In this episode I share with you the story of when a bar in El Paso, Texas – Aceitunas, would not let me enter with my friends because I was too Mexican. I wasn’t discriminated against because of my brown skin, after all El Paso is about 80% Hispanic.

No, I was discriminated against simply for being too Mexican.

Here’s my story.

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