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Border Mic – Episode 3 – I Was Too Mexican for Aceitunas in El Paso

Welcome to episode three of the Border Mic. In this episode I share with you the story of when a bar in El Paso, Texas – Aceitunas, would not let me enter with my friends because I was too Mexican. I wasn’t discriminated against because of my brown skin, after all El Paso is about 80% Hispanic.

No, I was discriminated against simply for being too Mexican.

Here’s my story.

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A Podcast About the Border

Hola, and welcome to the launch of my podcast. The border is the hot topic of the nation. Everyone thinks they know the border. Many talk about the border. But how many have lived the border? Of those, how many are immigrants.

I spent decades on the border. I lived on the border for almost three decades. I saw the Juárez cartel become one the largest drug cartels in the world. I lived and saw the drug wars of 2006-2008 when Chapo Guzman decided to make Juárez his new playground.

I know firsthand what it is to be Mexican on the border.

I know what it is to be a Mexican immigrant in the United States.

I want you to know the border I know. Not the border that is suddenly so dangerous that a National Emergency may be called. I want you to hear the stories of what it was to cross the border prior to 9/11 and how it changed afterwards.

Through the Border Mic podcast, I will be sharing my stories with you. I’ll tell you what it is to be the only one in my family to not be a U.S. citizen. I’ll share stories with you, like the time an El Paso cop profiled me as drug dealer, or why I, to this day, I walk around my car before driving away. I’ll tell you about what it is like to be part of a multinational community, from the perspective of one who must show a valid American visa to cross the border just to meet my friends.

I have many stories to share with you.

Each Monday I’ll be posting a new podcast.

I am in the process of getting me podcast added to iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and many other podcast platforms. I’ll let you know when each one accepts my podcast. For now, you can listen to my first podcast here.

I hope you’ll consider becoming a subscriber. I promise you one thing, you’ll see things about the border that you never knew existed, even if you’ve lived on the border all your life.